Reinhard Frank Stiftung
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Legal Form and Not-for-Profit Character
The Reinhard Frank Foundation is a foundation with legal capacity under German civil law. It was founded in Hamburg in 2001. It serves exclusively and directly tax-privileged not-for-profit and charitable purposes in the sense of Sections 51 et seq. of the AO [German Fiscal Code, “Abgabenordnung”].
Purpose of the Foundation
The foundation’s purpose is
  • the promotion of education and teaching,
  • the promotion of science and research,
  • the promotion of youth aid and
  • the pursuit of benevolent purposes in the meaning of the German fiscal code.

The foundation’s purposes can be realised both within Germany and abroad. Funds to establishments within Germany may be provided only to tax-privileged corporations or public corporations.

There shall be no legal claims to benefits from the Foundation.